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Don’t be afraid of health checkup

Early diagnosis and early treatment” is always a paradigm.

Health Checkup

Alonging with chief physicians from Taiwan’s prestige medical centers such as Veterans General Hospital and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, safeguards the health of you and your family by providing examinations with high precision and advanced technologies, as well as interpretation of your test results by experienced specialists.

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Vitality Healthy Vacation

Mind & Spirit:Live a joyful life

High quality health checkup, local tour in easy pacing and healthy organic French cuisine together will refresh you both physically and psychologically and allow you regain vitality.

Don’t be afraid of health checkup

Taipei Beitou Health management hospital

Early diagnosis and early treatment

Many people are afraid of health checkup because they do not want to face bad results. However, this mindset may lead to irreversibly adverse outcomes. It is advisable to have a regular health management plan for you and your family in order to early detect major diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases. “Early diagnosis and early treatment” is always a paradigm.

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New Style Medical Tourism

Taipei Wellness Clinic and Resort designs a humanistic, healthy and leisurely vacation to fulfill the idea of holistic health. People can have professional health checkup, aesthetic medicine, healthy diets, physical fitness, psychological, ecological even spiritual programs as well as quality accommodations while appreciating Beitou local culture. Medical tourism service addresses every need of you and your family.

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