Provider Profile

Experienced Medical Professionals

Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital brings together a group of professional medical personnel and a comprehensive healthcare network of well-experienced physicians, radiology technicians, nurses, nutritionists, physical therapist, and fitness coaches from Veteran General Hospital and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. Heath management and aesthetic services are completed with cutting edge technologies. In addition, the medical center is an all-inclusive platform that offers effective and immediate services of health management, consultation, and referral to our clients.

  • Superintendent Horng-Yuan Luo
  • Deputy Superintendent Cheng-Chao Liang
  • Deputy Superintendent Cheng-Ping Chien
  • Attending Doctor Chao-Jung Wei
  • Attending Doctor Lieh-Pin Chang
  • Attending Doctor Yen-Chun Shen
  • Attending Doctor Tsung-Tsung Tsai
  • Attending Doctor Kuang-Wei Huang
  • Attending Doctor Yueh-Ping Huang
  • Attending Doctor Yung-Hsiu Chen
  • Attending Doctor Hsiao-Yun Yeh
  • Attending Doctor Chun-Yi Fan
  • Attending Doctor Sz-Shian Yu
  • Our Team Health Manager
  • Our Team Radiation Technologist
  • Deputy Superintendent Chih-Hung Huang
  • Attending Doctor Jen-Shiang Shie
  • Attending Doctor Shih-Hsin Chang
  • Attending Doctor Kuang-Te Cheng
  • Attending Doctor Hsien-Chi Hou
  • Attending Doctor Hung-Tao Hsiao