New Style Medical Tourism

Taipei Wellness Clinic and Resort designs a humanistic, healthy and leisurely vacation to fulfill the idea of holistic health. People can have professional health checkup, aesthetic medicine, healthy diets, physical fitness, psychological, ecological even spiritual programs as well as quality accommodations while appreciating Beitou local culture. Medical tourism service addresses every need of you and your family.

The first institution dedicated to
medical tourism in Taiwan

In Taipei Wellness Clinic and Resort, you can enjoy humanistic warmth as well as the picturesque landscape of Beitou and Yang-Ming Mountain easily. The internationally renowned Hotel Royal, Beitou serve local delicacies and unique white sulfur hot spring for you. You may undergo health checkup and/or aesthetic treatment offered by the professional medical team at easy pace or simply relax enjoying healthy cuisine and carefully organized health promoting programs in a comfortable and private environment.

Health management
centered hospital

We focus on improving health of people and providing a sustainable health management service exclusively for you and your family.

24/7 call center

The professional call center team is composed of experienced and well-trained nursing specialists and health managers to answer your medical inquiry and provide health consultation all year around.

Synthetically integrated health management team

Health managers work with integrated medical team, composed of physicians, nurses, dietitians, and radiologists, to offer valuable and comprehensive solution and advices for you. The dedicated health manager will even remind you of follow-up health concerns.

Diagnostic consultation

Our medical team leader gathers specialists, holding a consultation meeting to analyze the results from various examinations before making diagnoses and advices. We insist on providing highly efficient and quality medical service.

Medical imaging before and
after plastic surgery

People can safely pursue excellence in beauty in our institution. Medical imaging technology will be applied before and after surgery for a careful evaluation for your health, safety and beauty.

Non-radiation MR imaging in an anxiety-reducing ambient environment

State-of-the-art MR imaging technology is applied for higher degree precision and efficiency of imaging diagnosis; yet, in an innovatively designed ambient environment to alleviate anxiety.

Special diet for health
checkup designed by the
hotel chef and dietitians

The head chef of Hotel Royal Beitou collaborating with dietitians of the health management hospital designs a delicious, nutritious and suitable diet to maintain your health and satisfy your taste buds.