The aesthetic experience is integrated with comfortable style and European and French cuisine as an elegant package. A great leap in beauty brings a splendid life.

Modern people not only pursue physical wellness but also an attractive figure and a peaceful mind to achieve a complete balance. That is the best gift of life. Medicine and traveling used to be two separate journeys, but the time-consuming and costly trips are integrated into a one-stop medical tourism. Taipei Wellness Clinic and Resort embarks on pioneering work. It is the first time for an international hotel (Hotel Royal Beitou) to cooperate with a professional health management hospital (Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital). We carefully designed 2 LOHAS tours to entertain our valuable guests and lead them steps away from the bustling city in the 3-day and 2-night tour. Guests can immerse themselves in the beautiful natural and humanistic atmosphere of Beitou to relax physically and psychologically before medical examinations. We offer healthy delicacies and pressure-relieving activities to help all regain a charming body, confidence and sensational balance. You may come alone or with family to prepare for the next step and lay a solid foundation of life.

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