Heart to heart

People nowadays seek a balance among physical, psychological and spiritual wellness; while medical science is no longer the only solution. We have seen more people engaged in various health enhancing activities, for example, sports loving become a trend and leisure activities are optimized. Taipei Wellness Clinic and Resort has been founded with an aim to promote healthy life style. We have focused on preventive medicine to help people implement holistic health. With innovative medical service and attentive care, you and your family can enjoy a professional yet relaxing health journey.

Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital is the only hospital that bears “health management” in its name in Taiwan. The hospital is located in a beautiful natural environment with rich local culture in the suburban Taipei city. We work with Hotel Royal Beitou, complying with the national medical tourism policy to offer pleasant and comfortable health checkup and aesthetic medicine integrated with hotel service and local tours to take care of your every need.

The corporate identity of Taipei Wellness Clinic and Resort is composed of 2 Hs in sky-blue color, representing the hospital and hotel complex, which offers rich, touching and health conscious services. Sky blue is the most popular color above the earth, symbolizing reliability, power and safety. Taipei Wellness Clinic and Resort makes a commitment to offer quality services with heartfelt blessings.